30th October, 2012

Surfers Paradise Top Eating Spots

The Gold Coast is well known as being home to some of Australia’s best restaurants, and within the greater Gold Coast area, nowhere has more incredible eating options than Surfers Paradise. The foll

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22nd October, 2012

Learning to Surf on the Gold Coast

There is no better way to appreciate the natural beauty of the Gold Coast than by getting out in the waves, and if you don’t yet know how to surf, there is no better place to learn than right here o

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14th October, 2012

Unmissable Rides at Gold Coast Theme Parks

If you are someone who likes theme parks, you will absolutely love the Gold Coast, because you will find some of the most thrilling rides in the Southern Hemisphere right here, and it is all within a

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07th October, 2012

Planning a Gold Coast Surf Trip

If you ever wanted to go on a surfing trip, there is no better place to go than the gorgeous Gold Coast, and the better you plan your trip, the more chance you have of it being everything you hoped fo

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30th September, 2012

Scenic Routes to Travel From Brisbane to the Gold Coast

Despite being quite a short distance, the trip between Brisbane and the Gold Coast offers some remarkable highlights, and depending on which route you choose to take, you can enjoy a wide variety of d

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22nd September, 2012

Travelling From Brisbane to the Gold Coast

Travelling from Brisbane to the Gold Coast is easy, and with so many inexpensive options, the best way to do it really does come down to a matter of personal preference. The following is a look at som

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