09th December, 2013

Where to Surf in Australia

Australia is deservedly famous for its surfing. The climate, beaches and water create the perfect environment for laid-back surfers to hang out and hone their craft. It's also a great place for beginn

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04th December, 2013

Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are fun for all the family. With a little preparation, you and your family can enjoy a fantastic holiday without the hassle. Just follow these tips from travel author Jamie Jensen: Let chil

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31st May, 2013

Australia’s Best Tourist Attractions on the East Coast

You can find incredible beauty and amazing highlights wherever you go in Australia, with the east coast particularly jam-packed full of spectacular destinations. The following looks at a few of the be

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15th February, 2012

Top 3 Ecotourism Destinations in Australia

Since the first ecotourism holidays emerged in the 1980s, millions of travellers have enjoyed modifying their holiday plans to minimise impact local environments and communities. In Australia, it’s

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30th January, 2012

5 Secrets to a Great Australian Road Trip

Australia is a wonderful destination for visitors, with around 5.6 million tourists arriving on its shores every year. One novel way to enjoy Australia and experience all that it has to offer is by ta

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14th December, 2011

How to Backpack Around Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for all travellers, including the hundreds of thousands of backpackers who visit every year. If you’re a keen globe trotter and you haven’t alread

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