22nd September, 2012

Travelling From Brisbane to the Gold Coast

Travelling from Brisbane to the Gold Coast is easy, and with so many inexpensive options, the best way to do it really does come down to a matter of personal preference. The following is a look at som

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14th September, 2012

The Gold Coast’s Famous Theme Parks

One of the most popular reasons for going on holiday to the Gold Coast is the fantastic theme parks that are here, almost all of which are located extremely close to the main Gold Coast accommodation

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07th September, 2012

Best Foods to Have on the Beach in Surfers Paradise

There is no better place in Australia to enjoy a meal -- and some breathtaking scenery at the same time -- than on the beaches of Surfers Paradise, so if you are visiting the area for any reason, make

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30th August, 2012

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions on the Gold Coast

No matter your style of holiday, the Gold Coast is sure to have exactly what you are looking for, as no other part of Australia can offer such an incredible mix of holiday options. Many people find th

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22nd August, 2012

Finding the Right Accommodation on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, and apart from its stunning beaches, exciting theme parks, divine restaurants and vibrant nightlife, the Gold Coast also has e

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14th August, 2012

Planning a Beach Wedding on the Gold Coast

If you have decided you want to get married on a Gold Coast beach, you have made a fantastic choice, because there is no more beautiful place on earth to mark such a special occasion. Like with any we

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