19th April, 2016

9 of the Best Golf Courses on the Gold Coast

Image via Gainsborough Greens If you love golfing, there's no better place to be than on the Gold Coast, an area famed for its long sandy beaches, its surfing - and it's golf. Well known as a golfer

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28th May, 2013

Great Ways to Spend The Day On The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, and there is something to suit every taste and style up here, so don’t worry about whether the Gold Coast will have enough t

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24th May, 2013

Great Places To Eat Out On The Gold Coast

While the Gold Coast is well known for its fantastic beaches, spectacular Surfer’s Paradise resorts and thrilling theme parks, the restaurants are fast becoming a massive draw as well. The following

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21st May, 2013

Planning The Perfect Gold Coast Family Holiday

Planning a family holiday can take a huge amount of work, especially if you have your heart set on making the trip something special, but if you are planning on heading to the Gold Coast you are off t

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17th May, 2013

The Most Informative Gold Coast Travel Guides

Go online to learn about Gold Coast attractions and you’ll find a lot of sites claiming to be travel guides. But dig a little deeper and you’ll soon discover that some are more informative than ot

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10th May, 2013

International Cuisine on Australia’s Gold Coast

International cuisine is a combination of different cooking methods from all around the world. Also known as fusion cuisine, it combines elements from different cultures and blends them together in in

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