14th October, 2012

Unmissable Rides at Gold Coast Theme Parks

If you are someone who likes theme parks, you will absolutely love the Gold Coast, because you will find some of the most thrilling rides in the Southern Hemisphere right here, and it is all within a stone’s throw of all the major Gold Coast holiday accommodation. If you are planning to come to the Gold Coast to check out the theme parks, keep an eye out for Gold Coast accommodation specials that include theme park passes, and do not leave before you have had a chance to ride the following incredible attractions at least once.

The Giant Drop (Dreamworld)

For those looking for a truly terrifying experience, the Giant Drop is the tallest free-falling ride in the world, measuring a staggering 119 metres high. First you are strapped into eight-seat carriages and then the slow ride to the top gives you an opportunity to take in the wonderful scenery. Once at the top you will be at the same height as a 39-story building; then, you will suddenly start your descent, hitting speeds of up to 135 kph and providing a thrill like no other ride on earth.

Tower of Terror II (Dreamworld)

If it has been a while since you last had a ride give you a good scare, this one is sure to break your drought. After being strapped into your seat in a small car, riders are flung just over 200 metres in seven seconds, hitting speeds of 161 kph, all while moving backwards and ending up briefly suspended over 100 metres in the air. Then you are plummeted back into the tiny tunnel once again before being stopped dead in your tracks. When it was first unveiled in 1997, this ride was the fastest and tallest ride in the world.

The Claw (Dreamworld)

This ride swings at speeds of up to 75 kph to a height of nine stories while spinning around 360 degrees at the same time, so only take this challenge is you have a fairly strong stomach. This terrifying ride is unlike any other in the Southern Hemisphere and is a must for any adrenaline junky visiting the Gold Coast.

The Cyclone (Dreamworld)

If you are looking for a good old-fashioned roller coaster experience, the Cyclone will have those tears blowing out of your eyes before you know it. Consisting of drops of up to 40 metres and speeds of over 85 kph, this high-adrenalin ride is one of the tallest high-speed roller coasters in the world.

Mammoth Falls (Wet’n’Wild)

If you and your family want to get on a ride together, make it this one, which involves four-person tubes making their way down over 200 metres of rapids, with everyone in the tube guaranteed to be soaked by the finish. Especially if you are visiting the Gold Coast on a hot day, this is one of the most exciting ways to cool down.

AquaLoop (Wet’n’Wild)

Consisting of four full loop water slides that have riders hitting speeds of up to 60 kph, these slides are guaranteed to get your blood pumping, and offer the perfect way to have some fun with friends or your family while staying cool on a hot summer’s day.