22nd September, 2012

Travelling From Brisbane to the Gold Coast

Travelling from Brisbane to the Gold Coast is easy, and with so many inexpensive options, the best way to do it really does come down to a matter of personal preference. The following is a look at some of your main options.

By car

Getting from Brisbane to the Gold Coast by car is extremely easy, and depending on whether you want to check out the scenery or take the most direct route, the trip can take as little as 40 minutes or as long as you’d like. Taking the M1 is the quickest route, and while there isn’t much to look at, you will have plenty of highlights waiting for you when you get to the Gold Coast.

By train

Catching the train to the Gold Coast from Brisbane takes just over an hour, and apart from walking or riding, it is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport for this trip. You can catch a QR city train from Roma Street Station to Nerang, and then take the bus to Surfers Paradise, or even catch the Airtrain at Brisbane Airport and take it all the way to Robina on the Gold Coast. Either way it is a quick and easy trip.

By bike

You don’t need to be an Olympian to ride your bike from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, as it is only a 69km trip, but you are best to stick to the less major roads, as apart from being a more scenic route to hug the coast, it will also be a lot safer. If you decide to do the ride, make sure you have some comfortable Gold Coast accommodation lined up in advance, because even if you are an experienced cyclist, you will arrive at least a little sore.

By bus

There are a huge amount of options if you want to catch the bus from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, and it will usually take roughly an hour for the trip. However, you will have far less options if you are taking the bus late at night, so if you are planning on heading either to or from the Gold Coast after midnight, do some research and plan your trip carefully. Some Gold Coast accommodation packages include a shuttle from the airport in Brisbane, so be sure to ask your hotel, hostel or resort about transportation when looking into booking your next Gold Coast holiday.

By taxi

Being so close together, you can even catch a taxi from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, and while it may be quite expensive, the 40-minute ride is the equivalent of going across town in some cities. If you get stuck in either Brisbane or the Gold Coast later than you had planned, taking a taxi is definitely an option, but be sure to ask your driver for an estimate before you head off.

By plane

The flight between Brisbane and the Gold Coast is hardly worth the trouble, as by the time you get to the airport and check in, you could have made your own way to the Gold Coast already.

Share a ride

Every weekend there is a huge flow of people from Brisbane heading to the Gold Coast, so if you are looking for a way to get there, check online for ride share postings. By offering to share the cost of petrol, you might be able to score a very cheap ride, and perhaps even arrange for one coming back too.