30th September, 2012

Scenic Routes to Travel From Brisbane to the Gold Coast

Despite being quite a short distance, the trip between Brisbane and the Gold Coast offers some remarkable highlights, and depending on which route you choose to take, you can enjoy a wide variety of different treats. The following is a brief look at some of the best routes between these two impressive places, so don’t just rip down the highway and do it in 45 minutes when you can take your time and have a decent look at all that the region has to offer.

The coastal route

If you want your drive to the Gold Coast to include as many ocean views as possible, after leaving Brisbane on the M1, head southeast on Highway 30 towards the coast. You will go through the towns of Carindale and Alexandra Hills before hitting the coast at Raby Bay, where you will be treated to some stunning views of North Stradbroke Island. From Raby Bay, follow Highway 47 down the coast all the way to Redland Bay, enjoying fantastic ocean views the entire way, and then head back inland to rejoin the M1 at Shailer Park.

From here, continue travelling south until you reach Upper Coomera, where you can once again head east back to the coast, emerging just in time for some gorgeous views of South Stradbroke Island. From here you are only a short drive from the main strip of Gold Coast beaches and a plethora of Gold Coast accommodation options.

Via Tamborine Mountain

One of the most scenic routes to take between Brisbane and the Gold Coast is via Tamborine Mountain. To get there, head south on the M1 from Brisbane, then take the turnoff for Highway 92 at Beenleigh, and this will lead you straight up the mountain to the town of Tamborine. Once you get up to Tamborine Mountain you will be treated to incredible views of the coastline, as well as wonderful opportunities to hike, enjoy a meal, do some wine tasting, take a balloon flight or just hang out.

Once you are ready to continue on towards the Gold Coast, head east on the windy road from Tamborine down the mountain on Highway 95, which is easily among the most enjoyable drives in the state. Then, before you know it, you will be in Upper Coomera and at the top of the Gold Coast strip, and stretched out before you will be the fantastic sight of high-rise Gold Coast holiday apartments lining some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

By boat

If you want to take a route between Brisbane and the Gold Coast that is bathed in incredible scenery the entire time, why not do the trip by boat? The best way to do it is by chartering a boat, and you can make the journey an easy day trip or stretch it out over several wonderful days if you’d like. After leaving Brisbane, you will need to head straight east, and will have your choice of stopping at either Moreton Island or North Stradbroke Island, with fantastic camping opportunities available on both.

Once you have rounded Point Lookout on the eastern side of North Stradbroke and head south, you will enjoy uninterrupted ocean views, as well as get a great look at the entire east coast of both North and South Stradbroke Islands, both home to more spectacular camping options. Once you pass South Stradbroke Island you are pretty much there, and can pull into the Gold Coast at Runaway Bay, Southport or wherever else you please.