21st May, 2013

Planning The Perfect Gold Coast Family Holiday

Planning a family holiday can take a huge amount of work, especially if you have your heart set on making the trip something special, but if you are planning on heading to the Gold Coast you are off to a great start as it is one of the most family friendly destinations on earth. The following looks at how to plan the perfect Gold Coast family holiday.

Stay By The Beach

One of the best ways to ensure that your family holiday will be as close to perfect as possible is to stay in Gold Coast accommodation that is located right by the beach. The closer you are to the beach the easier it will be to spend lots of time down on the sand and in the water, and nothing compares to waking up to the sights and sounds of these truly stunning beaches. So whether you plan on staying in group accommodation or at one of the luxurious Surfer’s Paradise resorts, stay by the beach and it is sure to be your best family holiday ever.

Eat Out

The food scene on the Gold Coast has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with fantastic new restaurants popping up all the time including many that are family friendly, so make your family holiday truly memorable by checking out at least a few of the amazing places to eat while you are here. Whether you are looking for some tasty fish and chips to enjoy down on the sand or a full evening of entertainment at a theme restaurant, Gold Coast restaurants, cafes and eateries are sure to leave your entire family absolutely satisfied.

Avoid Schoolies Week

Every year thousands of young people flock to the Gold Coast to celebrate the end of exams marking their final year of high school, and while the majority of those that come choose to celebrate responsibly, ‘schoolies week’ can certainly see its fair share of public drunkenness and rowdy behaviour. So if you are planning a family holiday to the Gold Coast it is wise to find out when schoolies week will be taking place, and plan your family holiday for either before or after schoolies takes place.

Visit A Theme Park Or Two

There is no shortage of family friendly highlights on the Gold Coast, and while it is hard to do and see them all make sure that your family doesn’t leave before you have been to at least one of the many theme parks. Some of the most impressive theme parks in the Southern Hemisphere are here, and whether your family are into roller coasters, water slides or marine parks, the theme parks here are guaranteed to make your family holiday one that you and your kids will never forget.

Book Everything Early

The Gold Coast is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia, so for your family holiday to be any chance of being that perfect trip you are all dreaming of, it is essential that you book every possible element of your holiday as far in advance as possible.