22nd August, 2012

Finding the Right Accommodation on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, and apart from its stunning beaches, exciting theme parks, divine restaurants and vibrant nightlife, the Gold Coast also has e

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30th July, 2012

Going on a Day Trip to Stradbroke Island From the Gold Coast

For a fantastic day trip from the Gold Coast you can’t go past the Stradbroke Islands, with both islands being absolutely gorgeous and located within a stone’s throw of Surfers Paradise Resorts. I

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14th June, 2012

Visiting the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary

It really does seem that the Gold Coast has it all, as if you are tired of the great surf, gorgeous beaches, pumping nightlife and high-energy theme parks, you can always head down to the Currumbin Wi

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15th April, 2012

10 Places to Eat Seafood on the Gold Coast

Apart from being an incredibly beautiful place to spend your holidays in some of Australia’s best holiday accommodation, the Gold Coast is also home to some of Australia’s finest seafood restauran

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15th March, 2012

A Scenic Drive From Sydney to the Gold Coast

The drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast is beautiful, so take your time and enjoy it. The following are a few tips for making your drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast as scenic as possible. Route 111

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07th November, 2011

A – Z Guide for Getting Around the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of the major tourist destinations in Australia, receiving over 10 million visitors in any given year. With its year-round subtropical climate and coastal location, the Gold Coast

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