28th May, 2013

Great Ways to Spend The Day On The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, and there is something to suit every taste and style up here, so don’t worry about whether the Gold Coast will have enough to keep you entertained, rather just make sure you are planning your stay to be as long as possible. The following looks at just a few of the great ways to spend a day on the gorgeous Gold Coast.

Learn to Surf

The Gold Coast is known around the surfing world as having some of the best and most

consistent waves on earth, so if you have always wanted to try surfing and find yourself on the Gold Coast, there is no better way to spend the day than by learning to surf. There is certainly no shortage of talented locals ready to teach you the basics of board riding up here, and once you have the basics down you can easily rent a board and a wetsuit and spend the day practicing your new skills. Surfing lessons are quite inexpensive and are open to all ages and genders, and many find that once they have learnt how to surf that they fall in love with the sport and stick with it for the rest of their lives.

Visit One of the Theme Parks

For those who like a little more excitement in their day the Gold Coast will have you well and truly covered, as some of the best theme parks in the Southern Hemisphere are located within minutes of the many Gold Coast holiday apartments. Whether you are a fan of roller coasters, water slides or just want to check out some marine life, you will have no problem filling your day visiting the theme parks here, but if you have the time, try and allow more than one day, especially if you want to see all those theme parks properly.

Have a Picnic on the Beach

Whether you are on the Gold Coast for a romantic holiday with your partner, have come with your mates or have the entire family on holiday with you, a fantastic way to spend the day up here is by packing a picnic and heading down to the beach. Be sure to pack lots of food and drink, as well as plenty of protection from the sun, and while the surf is bound to keep you entertained, bringing a Frisbee or some cricket gear can be a great way to add to the fun.

Go Fishing

For those who like to do some occasional fishing you will be in heaven on the Gold Coast, because whether you want to toss in a line from the beach or head out into deeper waters, you’ll have no problem filling a day fishing up here. There is a huge array of fish to be caught, with the best way to pick your spots being to check local fishing blogs online or even ask around at your Gold Coast accommodation. For those coming a long distance to get to the Gold Coast, leave your fishing gear at home, because you can rent anything you may need right here.