30th January, 2013

A Short History of Sea World on the Gold Coast

Over the past few decades, Sea World has steadily become one of the most popular theme parks on the Gold Coast, and the following is a brief look at its short history. The Surfers Paradise Ski Garden

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30th December, 2012

The Benefits of a Car for a Gold Coast Holiday

One of the best things about the Gold Coast is that everything is so close to each other, allowing you to check out a huge array of highlights in a short space of time. However, depending on what you

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30th November, 2012

Using the Internet to Find Great Gold Coast Cuisine

The Gold Coast is famous for a lot of things, including its incredible cuisine, so if you are here looking for a tantalising taste or two, you are in the right place. The best way to get a decent look

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14th November, 2012

Dressing Right on the Gold Coast Beaches

If you want to get the most out of your Gold Coast holiday, it is crucial that you come well prepared for the beaches -- especially in terms of having appropriate beachwear. While there is no strict d

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30th September, 2012

Scenic Routes to Travel From Brisbane to the Gold Coast

Despite being quite a short distance, the trip between Brisbane and the Gold Coast offers some remarkable highlights, and depending on which route you choose to take, you can enjoy a wide variety of d

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14th September, 2012

The Gold Coast’s Famous Theme Parks

One of the most popular reasons for going on holiday to the Gold Coast is the fantastic theme parks that are here, almost all of which are located extremely close to the main Gold Coast accommodation

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