22nd August, 2012

Finding the Right Accommodation on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, and apart from its stunning beaches, exciting theme parks, divine restaurants and vibrant nightlife, the Gold Coast also has every possible type and style of accommodation. The following is a look at how to find the perfect place to stay on your next Gold Coast trip.

Search online

One of the best ways to find the right accommodation for your Gold Coast visit is by doing some research online, and there is certainly no shortage of price comparison sites that can line up all of those fantastic deals for you. It is definitely worth investigating a little deeper and visiting the websites of the places you are considering, as most will have at least a few decent photos to give you an idea of what you can expect. When you are doing your online research, you should also make a point of reading as many of the reviews as you can, as this can be where you find those awesome tips and important warnings.

Know where you want to stay

The right Gold Coast accommodation will be close to everything that you want to be able to do or see, so work this out first, then choose your accommodation accordingly. If you are coming mostly for the beaches, your choices include everything from serviced apartments to hostels, with a huge amount of options within a short walk of the sand. For those looking to visit a few of those famous theme parks, play golf or take in any of the other highlights away from the beach, make sure your choice of accommodation will make it easy for you to get to everything. The Gold Coast is not that big a place, and so you should be fine no matter where you stay, but at least if you know what you want to see, it will be easier to choose the best place at which to base yourself.

Accommodation to suit your budget

The right accommodation has to be right for your budget too, and there is something for every budget when it comes to accommodation on the Gold Coast. You can stay at backpacker hostels, hotels and resorts, to name just a few of your options, and if you want to save a little money it is always a worth considering travelling here during the off-season. Another great way to save money while visiting the Gold Coast is to get accommodation that has its own cooking facilities, as this way you can do some of your own cooking, saving you a small fortune on your food budget.

A lot of people find that once they have been to the Gold Coast, they end up coming back again and again, so if you do, don’t be afraid to try out different accommodation options each time you come. Staying in a different style of place or basing yourself at a different beach can make for a nice change while still guaranteeing that amazing Gold Coast experience.