14th September, 2012

The Gold Coast’s Famous Theme Parks

One of the most popular reasons for going on holiday to the Gold Coast is the fantastic theme parks that are here, almost all of which are located extremely close to the main Gold Coast accommodation and tourist district. The theme parks here are designed with both adults and children in mind, so if you are looking for something awesome to do that isn’t just hanging out on the beach, be sure to check out a theme park or two. When you are planning your holiday and are hunting for those Gold Coast accommodation deals, plan for your theme park passes as well, because otherwise you may miss out of some of the biggest highlights of the area.


Consisting of more than 30 hectares of rides, shows, attractions and entertainment, if you like theme parks, do not leave the Gold Coast until you have been to Dreamworld. Dreamworld is home to the world’s tallest and fastest ride, known as the Tower of Terror, with the Giant Drop and the Claw among the other highlights for thrill seekers. There is a wildlife area, Wiggles World for the kids, and there is even somewhere for you to cool off and have a swim.

Sea World

As well as having a series of awesome rides and attractions, Sea World is among the more educational of the Gold Coast theme parks, and provides a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to learn about some of Australia’s incredible marine life. Sea World is also where you can get up close to dolphins, seals and even great white sharks, which is an experience you will never forget.

Warner Bros. Movie World

This is just the place to take those more musical and theatrical kids, because at Warner Bros. Movie World they can embrace their passion for stardom by creating and starring in their own music DVD. There are also more than a few good rides for those looking for a thrill, with the Superman Escape and Lethal Weapon rides among the most popular. Or, for an experience like no other, try the DreamWorks Shrek 4D Adventure, and take your levels of enjoyment to the next dimension.

Wet n Wild Water World

If it is a water park you are after, you won’t find any better in Australia than Wet n Wild, and you can have your experience be as relaxing or thrilling as you like. Between the high speed Whirlpool, the aptly named Mammoth Falls, and the always-popular Giant Wave Pool, you will wear yourself out on the rides, and can then head down to Calypso Beach or Buccaneer Bay for the perfect place to relax.

Whitewater World

If you are interested in finding the scariest water slides you can, but also have some younger kids to keep happy as well, head straight to Whitewater World and you will all have just what you want. Whitewater World provides some of the scariest rides on the Gold Coast by making use of the latest in cutting edge technology, while also providing some of the most family friendly areas as well.

Whether you are looking for a fun thing to do with your family, or a fresh idea for a date, you can’t go wrong with Gold Coast theme parks.