07th September, 2012

Best Foods to Have on the Beach in Surfers Paradise

There is no better place in Australia to enjoy a meal — and some breathtaking scenery at the same time — than on the beaches of Surfers Paradise, so if you are visiting the area for any reason, make a point of having at least one meal down on the sand. Some foods really seem to suit beach dining better than others, and the following is a look at some of the best foods for enjoying on the beaches of Surfers Paradise.

Fish and chips

There is no better place in Australia to partake in a classic Aussie meal of fish and chips than in Surfers Paradise, and you can get yours as simple or as fancy as you like. There is no shortage of great value-for-money options, and with almost all of your best choices located right by the beach, you should be settled in on the sand and enjoying your meal within seconds of getting your food.

A picnic at the beach

If you are staying in serviced apartments in Surfers Paradise, or even just if your Gold Coast accommodation has a space where you can do some basic food preparation, putting together a picnic to enjoy on the beach is a smart way to have a great meal at minimal costs. Eating out all the time can get expensive, especially on the Gold Coast. Whether you are planning a date or a family lunch, you will likely enjoy your homemade picnic just as much as any restaurant, especially considering the stunning beaches you have to choose from for your picnic location.

Falafel and baklava

Australia is a mix of many different cultures, including a significant Middle Eastern population that has done a lot to make the country a better place, especially when it comes to the food. If you are looking for a meal to enjoy on what are some of Australia’s finest beaches, there is no better tribute to Australian-style multiculturalism than enjoying a falafel sandwich down on the sand. To complete the meal, pick up a piece of baklava for everyone for dessert, and enjoy it along with the sights and sounds of paradise.

Ice cream

No day at the beach is complete without enjoying an ice cream on the sand, but if it is a hot day out you are going to need to be prepared to eat it quickly before it melts. You won’t have to go far to find ice cream, with a number of ice creameries located throughout the Surfers Paradise area, as well as ice cream trucks regularly cruising around.

General beach eating tips

When choosing your foods for enjoying on the beach, finger foods will always be your best bet, because eating anything with a knife and fork will be too much hassle when you are lazing around on the sand. Eat cold foods quickly before they get warmed up by the sun, and allow at least half an hour after eating to digest before you even think about going in for a swim.

Having a meal on the beach at Surfers Paradise will be one of the highlights of your visit, and you may find that your gang decides to enjoy more than a few meals down on the sand.