15th March, 2012

A Scenic Drive From Sydney to the Gold Coast

The drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast is beautiful, so take your time and enjoy it. The following are a few tips for making your drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast as scenic as possible.

Route 111

Driving from Sydney to the Gold Coast is going to take a while no matter which route you take, so you might as well take the pretty option every chance that you get. You will want to clear Sydney before you start relaxing; once you get up to Blue Haven on Highway 1, turn off onto the 111 for a beautiful drive up to Newcastle. Along the way you will go through Caves Beach and Warners Bay, and it’s easy to bypass the big centre of Newcastle and get back on the main route.


Just about four hours drive north from Sydney is one of the nicest beachside towns in all of New South Wales — none other than beautiful Forster. If you are heading up the coast, you have to allow as much time as possible to spend there, as it is an absolute holiday paradise. If you are passing through during school holiday times, be sure to call in advance if you want somewhere to stay, as Forster is far from being a well kept secret.

Nambucca Heads

Approximately three hours further up the coast from Forster is another magical little place, well worth a night or two of your time if you have it. With spectacular scenery and a population of just over 10,000, Nambucca Heads is one of those fabulous holiday spots that you may never want to leave.


If you like to do a bit of relaxing by the beach, this is your spot to enjoy some of the nicest views on the entire east coast of the continent. Less than three hours north of Nambucca Heads, this tiny little town has you more than half way to the Gold Coast, so if you have made it here in good time, this will make a fabulous spot to have a meal break or even spend the night in one of the cute local B&Bs.

Tweed Heads

You are almost at the Gold Coast by the time you make it to Tweed Heads, but if time isn’t an issue, you might as well take the chance to see this magnificent spot. If you haven’t booked your Gold Coast accommodation yet, now is a good time to make a few calls, especially if you are looking for family accommodation on the Gold Coast, as it can be hard to get a place, and this might save you a lot of trouble when you arrive.

The drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast is a really beautiful one if you have time on your side, not to mention that it’s full of great swimming options if you are doing the drive in the summertime. So next time you head north from Sydney, be sure to hit up all of the best spots along the way. If you’re short on time but do the drive regularly, you could stop at a different place each time you do the drive.