21st November, 2013

Tips When Travelling as a Family

Travelling with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare, according to a recent Ytravel blog. The secret is to make sure they get plenty of rest and have lots of things to do when they’re awake. Suggested tips when travelling as a family include:

  • Take your time – you can’t travel at a fast pace with kids in tow, so slow down and do a few things well.
  • Include everyone – a good family holiday is one where every family member gets to do something they really enjoy.
  • Choose centrally located, kid-friendly accommodation that is within walking distance of attractions and amenities.
  • Consider a cruise or staying at a family resort, as everyone’s tastes can be catered for in one location.
  • Consider an apartment, rather than a hotel or motel room.
  • Allow for time apart, to let your kids do things with other kids and give you some quiet time to yourself.
  • To keep meal prices down, consider eating out for breakfast and lunch and going cheaper or self-catering at dinner time.
  • Learn a new skill together as a family, such as snorkelling or kayaking, as this is what family holiday memories are made of.