21st November, 2013

Travelling with a family

When travelling with the family for the first time, it’s normal to have apprehensions about whether everything will go to plan. Lonely Planet’s guide to family trips will help you manage your first journey together:

Firstly, consider everyone when deciding where to go. There’s no point picking your child’s dream holiday if you are going to have a horrible time as a result. Look for places with a range of activities to suit each of you; family friendly destinations include Paris and Sri Lanka.

Travel light, it’s far better than being weighed down by bags. Lonely Planet recommends packing around three-quarters of what you think you’ll need – it will probably still be more than enough. Don’t forget to include entertainment for the journey if it’s a long trip.

When it comes to what to do whilst you’re there, the theme parks and expensive attractions won’t necessarily be the best-received – look for local beauty spots where children can play and see nature.

Kids often like rides, too, so try getting around via public transport for a fun trip; this also reduces tiredness from too much walking.