22nd November, 2013

New Summer Festival for Surfers Paradise

A recent article for inthemix, Katie Cunningham revealed there’s a new summer festival in the pipeline for Surfers.

Called Beachlife, it kicks off over two days in January 2014 with a triple-header line up, featuring Skrillex playing Saturday January 4 and A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa on Sunday January 5.

Billy Cross, the festival’s promoter says partying on the beach is one of the best experiences there is, because there’s a great atmosphere and they can sell more tickets at cheaper prices.

He said many of the normal Gold Coast venues, such as Metricom Stadium, just don’t have the capacity for events like this and he believes a lot of future festivals will hit the beaches for that reason.

The Gold Coast’s previous festival, Summafieldayze, doesn’t look like it will be back again any time soon and Beachlife looks set to fill the gap with some top acts, great music and an awesome atmosphere. Tickets are available on the festival’s website and are expected to go fast.