07th November, 2013

Tips When Flying With Kids

A recent Ytravel blog offers some handy tips when you have to take kids on a plane. They include:

  • Pack plenty of food and toys and encourage them to rest during the flight, as kids generally act up when they are tired, bored or hungry.
  • Talk to your kids before and during the flight, so they are fully prepared and know what to expect.
  • Seat your child in the middle seat between you and your partner, so you will know if they try to get out of their seat.
  • Get organised as soon as you get onboard, so everything you need for your kids is within easy reach.
  • Take your kids for a walk up and down the plane every hour or so.
  • Have plenty of quiet activities for them to do, such as stories and colouring-in books.
  • If you have an iPad or tablet, bring plenty of movies to keep them entertained.
  • Observe their regular bedtime when possible, dress them in their pyjamas and make sure you bring their favourite bedtime companion.
  • Breast or bottle feed babies during landing and have older children chew on a lolly, as this will help them equalise their ears.