04th December, 2013

Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are fun for all the family. With a little preparation, you and your family can enjoy a fantastic holiday without the hassle. Just follow these tips from travel author Jamie Jensen:

  • Let children be part of the planning – they may have ideas for where to go or want to look online for exciting destinations.
  • Incorporate their favourite hobbies and sports by including relevant stops en route – perhaps a special swimming spot or baseball ground.
  • Get rid of anything from the car that you won’t need for the trip. Add comfy cushions, toys and a separate bag for each child that they have to take responsibility for.
  • Be sure to have regular stops; Jensen says that this improves alertness and will help you to arrive at your destination with fewer travel-related aches.
  • Prepare to throw the itinerary out the window if an opportunity pops up that you or your kids don’t want to miss!