26th September, 2013

Theme Park Battle Heats Up on the Gold Coast

As summer and the Christmas holidays fast approach, the Gold Coast’s theme parks are engaged in a heated battle for attracting the largest crowd with their new upcoming attractions.

Dreamworld will open a haunted house called Kevil Kill this September on Friday the 13th, a most fitting date. The new haunted zombie house is based on billionaire JB Kevil’s home and inspired by his dream of creating a zombie utopia on earth.

Sea World will introduce Storm Coaster, a 472m-long and 30m-high water roller coaster, just before the Christmas holidays. The roller coaster will travel through water at a speed of 70km/h before soaring high up into the sky.

Sea World will also introduce its three-month-old polar bear cub to the public for the first time, possibly this month. Polar Bear Shores is being extended by 1.5m, so that the cub, its mum Liya, and twins Hudson and Nelson can all be viewed together.

The highly popular Fright Nights events will return to Warner Bros. Movie World in October. The dead, demons and psychopathic maniacs will be walking alongside visitors and tourists. Movie World will also be holding White Christmas events during the Christmas break.

Source: http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2013/08/28/457057_gold-coast-news.html