27th September, 2013

Activities in Surfers Paradise

If you thought that Surfers Paradise was just a party town, think again. According to TNT Magazine, two of the most enjoyable experiences on offer are found in the water, during the day, before the party starts.

At the Gold Coast’s Sea World, visitors can either walk around the tanks to see the aquatic life, or get in there with it. Shark Bay, one of the attractions within Sea World, contains two lagoons. One full of dangerous sharks such as tiger sharks and bull whaler sharks, the other stocked with harmless creatures that you can snorkel alongside.  A Perspex wall divides the two so that swimmers can still get close to the more perilous species.

Surfers Paradise is also aptly-named. Here, you can be coached by some of the world’s best as you attempt to catch a wave or two in between drinking the ocean and enjoying one of the most popular Australian pastimes.