26th September, 2013

Gold Coast waterways to take centre stage under new plans

The Gold Coast’s famous beaches may have to share the limelight with the area’s waterways if a new strategy is approved.

A plan to regenerate the Gold Coast’s canals and waterways would see more projects like the Brisbane River revival take shape, according to Fishing Boating World. Neglected areas such as Appel Park in Surfers Paradise would be transformed under the proposals, with Appel Park earmarked as a potential jetty. The plan also includes a ferry service for areas such as Couran Cove.

The ten-year strategy is part of a plan to raise the profile of the waterways to become an attraction in their own right. Hal Morris, head of Gold Coast Waterways Authority, said that the perception of the Gold Coast is that it is all beaches. His strategy aims to show how the waterways could be improved and marketed to bring in more visitors.

The project has been allocated $32 million for the next four years and the strategy will go out for consultation following Transport Department approval.

[Source] http://www.fishingboating-world.com/Gold-Coast-Waterways-Authority-to-make-City-waterways-world-famous/113159