02nd December, 2013

The New Travel Rules

“Sightskipping” may be the new sightseeing. Travellers don’t always want to feel like tourists and are increasingly opting to immerse themselves in the local culture of their chosen destination instead, says Travel and Leisure. Here are some of their tips for a richer travel experience:

  1. Choose a rented apartment over a hotel to get closer to real life.
  2. Try a local everyday experience, such as going to the barber or getting a foot massage.
  3. Go to the local stores for food and keepsakes to take back home rather than the usual souvenir outlets.
  4. Hire a bike – you’ll explore different parts of the city and fit right in, especially in cities with a strong cycling culture.
  5. Seek out a tradesman for a task such as mending clothes – you’ll have fun negotiating the language barrier and feel like a local.
  6. See how your usual pastimes are enjoyed elsewhere – find a club or group that shares one of your interests and make contact.
  7. Go and see a game or match of a sport the country is renowned for.
  8. Slow down and simply absorb yourself in a place rather than aiming to cram lots of activities into a short space of time.