25th August, 2013

V8 Festival to be transformed into Major Event

The Queensland state government has announced that it will commit more than AU$7.2 million to the GC600 race until 2016. The funding will help transform the three-day Gold Coast festival into a month-long event filled with exciting events and activities.

The announcement follows more than two years of uncertainty over the future of the event. Although the annual funding was originally AU$9.3 million, the event will now receive more attention from community leaders, who want V8 bosses to work with local businesses.

Organisers of the event will be aiming for a glamorous party atmosphere, with activities such as concerts, a competition similar to the national Miss V8 Supercars and go-kart racing.

According to Surfers Paradise councillor Lex Bell, the event needs more community focus. Bell expressed approval at the event being changed into something with a stronger community focus. He said that the business community wanted more benefit from the event. Surfers Paradise Alliance’s Mike Winlaw said he would try to represent the interests of local business owners.

Source: http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2013/08/04/455671_gold-coast-news.html