31st March, 2011

Tips for the Perfect Aussie Family Holiday

Australia is a great place for a family holiday. Great weather, kilometre after kilometre of beautiful beaches, and plenty of activities to suit people of all ages combine to create the ideal environment for the whole family to relax and enjoy themselves. To get the most from your Aussie family holiday however, a bit of planning is required. First and foremost, where you stay will have a huge impact on the success of your trip, so you need to pick the right accommodation in the right location. Surfers Paradise apartments, for example, are a great family friendly alternative to hotels in a place with plenty for both kids and adults to do. Our tips will help you make the right decisions to ensure that all the family have the most enjoyable and stress free time possible.

Budget carefully

Unless you are one of the lucky few with an unlimited budget, how well you manage your money will play a big role in determining the success or failure of your family holiday. The key is to work out a budget before you start and stick to it when it comes to booking big ticket items such as travel and accommodation. Going over budget will only serve to add stress to your holiday and you don’t want to have to be penny pinching when you get to your destination. That is a time to be relaxing and treating yourselves a little.

Plan activities

It is a good idea to research and plan at least a few activities for your children in advance. That way, when you arrive, you don’t have to hunt around frantically for ways of keeping them entertained. You can then supplement these activities with those that you discover while you are on holiday. This will help to ensure that the kids are kept happy and that the adults can relax and enjoy the holiday too.

Prioritise location

Choosing the right location is vital to the success of any holiday. For a family holiday, that means somewhere that has something for visitors of all ages. Beach holidays are great fun for the whole family and there is no shortage of options for this type of trip in Australia. It is a good idea though to look for a location that has other things to offer too, where both kids and adults can get a change of scene. Somewhere like the Gold Coast, with its theme parks, nightlife and activities such as whale watching, is ideal.

Choose accommodation carefully

Getting your choice of accommodation right can make or break your holiday, especially when you are travelling with children. Popular tourist areas such as the Gold Coast offer a wide range of options suitable for all budgets. The choice of Surfers Paradise accommodation is huge, so it can be difficult to know where to start looking, but with so much choice available you can afford to be a little bit picky. Look for resorts that cater specifically for families or self-catering apartments that are close to the action. Alternatively, if you book a traditional hotel, make sure that you are guaranteed of getting adjoining rooms.