14th April, 2011

How to Choose Your Surfers Paradise Accommodation

There are many reasons why Surfers Paradise is such an excellent choice for your Gold Coast holiday. Not least among them is the huge array of accommodation options available. There is something to suit every taste, need and budget but it can be difficult to sort through so many options to find the perfect place for you. So before you choose your Surfers Paradise accommodation, here are a few things you might like to think about. Take these factors into consideration and you will have taken an important step towards a great holiday.


Location, location, location is the famous catchcry of the real estate industry, but it is no less relevant in the holiday business too. If you have chosen Surfers Paradise then you have already got location more or less sewn up. With great restaurants and nightlife on your doorstep and the famous Surfers Paradise beach you can’t go too far wrong. It is still worth checking out on a map exactly where a particular hotel or apartment is, in relation to the sights and attractions you expect to use the most. If you intend to be out enjoying bars and clubs late into the night then accommodation in the heart of the action will be the best choice; if you are in Surfers for a family holiday you might prefer somewhere a little removed that is less likely to be noisy in the evenings.


Before booking your accommodation you need to decide what facilities you require from your accommodation. You will find everything from luxury hotels with full resort facilities to self-catering accommodation and even backpacker hostels. Write a list of accommodation ‘essentials’, ‘desirables’ and ‘not necessaries’ and then cross check your options against it until you find the perfect place to stay.


Inevitably for most of us cost will play a big role in determining where we stay when on holiday. That doesn’t necessarily mean you always have to rule out luxury establishments. It is often worth checking out whether hotels and other accommodation providers have special offers on, especially if you are travelling at the last minute or during the off season. Whenever you travel however, you will find that there is a huge range of options to suit all budgets in Surfers Paradise.


If you will be driving to the Gold Coast or intend to hire a car when you are there, then you need to remember to check your parking options before you book your accommodation. There is nothing more annoying than arriving at your accommodation ready to start enjoying your holiday to realise that there is nowhere to leave your car and then having to drive around, going further and further away, looking for a parking space. There are plenty of Surfers Paradise apartments and hotels that offer secure onsite parking. Choose one of these and you will avoid a lot of hassle.


Another important factor to consider is how you plan to cater on your holiday. If you intend to eat out for every meal then a standard hotel room may be sufficient, but if you want the option of cooking a meal from time to time, or at least being able to prepare breakfasts and snacks, a self catering apartment would be a better option.