30th March, 2012

A Guide to the Wonderful Rides at Wet’n’Wild

Located just minutes from all the best Gold Coast accommodation, Wet ‘n’ Wild is one of Australia’s best water parks, with some of the most exciting and terrifying water slides of any theme park in the world. Make sure you allow at least a full day to try out all the rides, as there really is a huge amount to do. Whether you are looking to entertain young children or find a fun way to spend a summer’s day with your crew, Wet ‘n’ Wild is sure to do the trick. The following rides are some of the highlights.

The Tornado

A legitimate ‘super slide’, the Tornado has the rider strapped into a four-person tube and then flung down a 40-metre tunnel into a storm of water. From here, the riders are spat out into the calm waters of the pool below. Riders must be at least 120cm tall to ride.


One of the newest of rides at Wet ‘n’ Wild, Surfrider has the participant sitting on a large surfboard before plummeting 30 metres into a sea of massive waves. Riders must be at least 140cm in height to be allowed on Surfrider.

The Black Hole

Consisting of two fully enclosed tubes, this terrifying ride has the participant being propelled at high speed through darkness before finally being splashed into the final containment pool. Only those at least 100cm tall may ride.

Mach 5

This Wet ‘n’ Wild favourite consists of five extreme water slides, including two of the longest in the entire park, stretching over 200 metres each. The lines here will always be long, though they move quickly. Either way, you don’t want to leave the park without going on the Mach 5. If you are between 110 and 120cm in height, an adult must accompany you in order to ride.

Mammoth Falls

This exciting ride is just the one to take the whole family on, as it involves being strapped into a six-person boat together. Once you’re all strapped in, prepare for a ride that truly is both wet and wild, as you roar over 200 metres of turbulent rapids. Anyone over 100cm tall is permitted to ride.

Aqua Loop

Starting will a 16-metre freefall through a trap door into a slide, this is one of the few rides that can have you travelling at 60km/h. Not for the weak of heart, this is a ride for those looking for a real thrill.

There is no better way to spend a summer’s day than by cooling off at Wet ‘n’ Wild, so if hanging around your resort in Surfers Paradise is getting boring, liven things up and head to Wet ‘n’ Wild. For bachelor parties, end-of-year sports trips, work team-building days, birthday parties, family reunions or any other large gathering where you want to have fun and let loose, get your people together and head to Wet ‘n’ Wild. It’s one of the few days out that is guaranteed fun.