04th February, 2011

The Gold Coast: 3 Ways in 3 Days

When you book your Gold Coast holiday, it is tempting to stay in your Surfers Paradise accommodation for the duration of your holiday. After all, you are within easy walking distance of the famous surfing beach itself, as well as some fabulous shopping in the avenues that run down from the beach. At night-time, there are plenty of nightclubs and restaurants to choose from, so it is easy to see why many tourists choose to stay in their hotel rooms and not move for the entire duration of their vacation.

But when you stop and look further afield, you will find plenty of other attractions to spark your interest. So, rather than staying in the one place, why not look at a few options and explore the Gold Coast in a little more detail. In this article we will look at a possible three-day itinerary that will get you out and about and enjoying the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer.

Naturally, you do not want to ignore anything that Surfers Paradise has to offer. So, on your first day it is a good idea to stroll through the streets and avenues and get a feel for the location you have chosen. You will probably find dozens of restaurants and cafes, not to mention shops that cater for every taste. Surfers Paradise is also well known as a place where you can be pampered like a film star. Why not consider a massage or a full-day spa and beauty treatment to get your holiday off to a grand start! In the evening, after your day of pampering, you could relax in any one of dozens of first-class restaurants which specialise in local seafood and other tempting delicacies. All in all, a great way to spend your first day and certainly enough to have you sleeping like a top on your first night.

Your second day could include hiring a car and heading south towards Byron Bay. It will take about 90 minutes driving, but it is certainly worth the effort. Byron Bay is the most easterly point on the Australian coastline and from the lighthouse you can see for miles to the north and south along a string of seemingly never-ending beaches. The local beach is legendary amongst surfers who flock to this area regularly throughout the year, especially those who wish to avoid the Gold Coast crowds.

After spending the morning at the beach, you can relax at one of the local pubs for a cheap but satisfying lunch, and then head off to explore some of the other beaches to the south. Most famous is Watego’s beach, a relatively excluded beach with unparalleled views and a great swell for bodysurfers. Later in the afternoon you can walk up the hill to the head land and lay down on the grass gazing out to sea, and imagine you are perched at the tip of a great ocean liner heading out to sea. After enjoying this day dream, it will be time to head back towards home.

On day three you have a golden opportunity to head up into the Gold Coast hinterland and visit the famous Lamington National Park. It is only about an hour’s drive west, up into the mountains before you reach this popular tourist destination. In the morning you can take a leisurely stroll through the rainforest and wonder at the waterfalls, birdlife and natural vegetation of this heavily protected area.

Surprisingly, you will also find some vineyards which have only been recently established. This is where you can have an enjoyable lunch and sample some of the local products, perhaps purchasing some specials, before heading out for the afternoon. Make sure you take your swimmers with you because, on a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in one of the many pools under a waterfall to refresh yourself after lunch. As dusk falls, make sure you visit the glow-worm caves that will leave you with a sparkling memory of a day well spent.

Then, it is time to head back to your Surfers Paradise accommodation to sleep the night away.