30th August, 2013

What to Do on a Family Trip to the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of the most population destinations in Australia for local and international travellers. The city offers a variety of attractions and sights for families.

Burleigh Hill

Burleigh Hill is home to a national park and the area makes an excellent bushwalking spot for children and adults, with plenty of wildlife, fauna, and scenic landscapes to encounter.

Hot Air Ballooning

Skydiving, jet boating and bungy jumping may be some of the popular high-adrenaline activities on the Gold Coast but a gentle hot air balloon ride is probably more appropriate for the family. See the beautiful coastline from the different perspective by taking a sunset or dawn balloon ride.

Picnics and Barbeques

The Gold Coast has countless spots for a leisurely picnic or barbeque for the entire family. For example, Currumbin Valley Rock Pool has some excellent facilities for picnicking and barbeque gatherings.

Source: http://www.travelzzle.com/2013/07/5-top-things-to-do-in-gold-coast-with-a-family/