07th January, 2011

Explore Queensland’s Gems : 5 Must-Visit Locations

If you have ever wanted to enjoy a holiday in the sun, then Queensland is the place for you. Many tourists find it easy to book into their Surfers Paradise accommodation and then head off to explore the local area. The Gold Coast is simply teeming with tourist attractions and you are bound to find something to satisfy your inquisitive desires.

To start with, you can enjoy any one of a number of beaches along a 70 km stretch of the South Queensland coastline. The temperature averages 22°C, so, even in winter; the water is always an attractive option. But even if the beach is not your thing, there are plenty of other things to do on the Gold Coast. Let’s start with the beach and then look at some alternatives.

  • Imagine plunging into crystal clear turquoise waters 365 days of the year! Always choose to swim at patrolled beaches and you are guaranteed not only to have a safe holiday but also experience some of the best surf Australia has to offer. For board riders there are numerous points to choose from especially at the southern end of the Gold Coast where beaches like Kirra and Duranbah are legendary destinations.
  • In the hinterland, you can explore rainforests, emu parks and even fossick for opals! Exploring the patchwork of rural plantations and Vineyards, along with over 100,000 ha of national parks and reserves, you can spend as much time as you like enjoying bushwalking trails or simply strolling down quiet country lanes. Some of the hidden valleys and canyons in the Gold Coast hinterland are truly inspiring.
  • Fancy some action at a theme park? You are spoilt for choice when you consider the options at Movie World, Sea World, Dreamworld, and Wet and Wild. You can easily spend a day or more in each of these parks enjoying the rides and shows which are presented daily. Occasionally, you can get discount tickets for multiple entries, so you can even save some of your spending money.
  • If you are looking for less action and a little more wildlife, why not visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary? This now famous Wildlife Park features daily visits from huge flocks of brightly coloured parrots which visitors absolutely love. The children will be enchanted as they witness the feeding frenzy that these birds hurl themselves into several times every day. Don’t worry; everything is conducted under the auspices of wildlife officials so it is perfectly safe for everybody, including the birds.
  • Whilst we are talking about adventures, why not treat yourself to a little five-star luxury adventure? The Gold Coast is home to numerous five-star hotels that will treat and pamper you during a holiday you’ll never forget. Even spending a night or two in one of these luxurious resorts will be something special for you to remember forever.

So, starting off in your Surfers Paradise accommodation is just the beginning of a holiday to remember. Let’s face it, it could take you years to visit everything the Gold Coast has to offer, but if you start with these five suggestions you will want to come back for more.