26th April, 2016

Explore the Gold Coast’s Southport Spit

One of the Gold Coast’s earliest and most fashionable seaside destinations, Southport Spit offers a wealth of attractions and experiences, and is the perfect place to have fun any time of the year. Stretching for 5 kilometres, this fairly undeveloped sand-covered peninsula starts at Main Beach, and ends at the seaway where Broadwater meets up with the Pacific Ocean.

With a history of tourism stretching back almost 130 years, Southport has an eclectic appeal and attracts visitors of all types; whether they’re looking for the best surf, an adrenaline rush, excellent shopping, or something to eat at one of its many restaurants. From the Australia Fair Shopping Centre with its fantastic range of shops, to the seaside track, water park and Aquatic Centre of Marine Parade, there’s something for everyone – no matter how young or how old.

There’s lots of fun to be had at the beach

If you’re looking for fun and excitement in the form of jet boating, jetpack flyboard adventures, kayaking, or jet skiing, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water at Southport. Just to the north of Main Beach you’ll find Fisherman’s Wharf, the Southport trawler fleet, SeaWorld, picnic spots galore, and, if you happen to be a sailor, plenty of places to tie up your boat.

The beach is also a favourite place for surfers as regardless of the direction of the swell, you’ll always find good breaks. If you prefer a little less excitement, head to the northern part of the beach; it’s a great place for a relaxing picnic, or to chill out as you watch the waves break on the shore.

Explore the waters around Southport Spit

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn how to dive, or you’re an expert who can’t wait to explore what hides beneath the Gold Coast waters, you’ll find several excellent dive sites around Southport Spit, each offering their own unique diving experience.

At the South Wall you’ll discover fantastic marine biodiversity, while whaler sharks, shoals of pelagic fish, and wobbegong sharks are in abundance at the North Wall. The South West Wall can be accessed from the beach and, if you’re totally new to diving, Wave Break Island is one of the best places to learn – or you can snorkel if you’d prefer.

Just over 800 metres off the coast lies the site of the Scottish Prince, a 64-metre-long iron barque ship with three steel masts, which sank as it sailed from Glasgow to Brisbane. Once filled with whisky, linen, mousetraps and other cargo, today all that remains is the hull, which is now home to sponges and soft corals, and a wealth of other marine life.

Take a stroll along the Federation Walk

For those of you who like to be active but prefer dry land, the crushed sandstone path of the Federation Walk winds along the sand dunes, and past casuarina trees between Main Beach and the Seaway. An easy 3 kilometre trail starting just opposite SeaWorld, it’s ideal for joggers and cyclists, or anyone looking for a scenic stroll with uninterrupted views across the coast.

Test your powers of deduction at the Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast

Do you like the idea of heading back 100 years in time to play detective and solve mysteries? If so, you’ll love the Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast. The first live escape game in the area it’s not just exciting and challenging, but it’s educational and a whole lot of fun. You and your team will need to use all your skills and powers of deduction to gather clues, solve puzzles and escape before your allotted time runs out.

Shop till you drop at Australia Fair Shopping Centre and the Brickworks Centre

Whether your idea of shopping heaven is a mall full of high street brands, or you prefer to hunt down bargains and one-off pieces in small, boutique shops, you’ll find that Southport Spit has plenty to offer. For well known brands visit Australia Fair Shopping Centre, located alongside the stunning Broadwater, which has over 210 stores.

For those of you who prefer to remain outdoors, the Brickworks Centre is the place to be. Incorporating the well known Ferry Road Market, it’s a great place to shop, people watch, and meet up with friends.

Watch the latest releases at Birch Carroll and Coyle Australia Fair

While we’re sure that you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities to amuse you at Southport Spit, if you’re craving some large screen action, Birch Carroll and Coyle Australia Fair show all the latest films, and their ticket prices are the best value on the Gold Coast.

See some Aboriginal Fine Art

If you’re interested in Aboriginal Art, a visit to Boomerang Art is a must. There’s over 450 square metres of collectable art by significant artists, and the gallery has been specialising in Aboriginal Fine Art since 1996.