14th August, 2012

Planning a Beach Wedding on the Gold Coast

If you have decided you want to get married on a Gold Coast beach, you have made a fantastic choice, because there is no more beautiful place on earth to mark such a special occasion. Like with any we

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07th August, 2012

Beach Safety on the Gold Coast

Some of the biggest highlights of the Gold Coast are the incredible beaches, but if you want to enjoy them thoroughly you need to know how to stay safe. By following just a few simple guidelines, mill

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22nd June, 2012

From Tweed Heads to Surfers Paradise Beach Guide

You won’t catch too many waves at Tweed Heads, but this gorgeous spot on the New South Wales and Queensland border marks the beginning of one of the most amazing stretches of beaches in the world. W

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29th February, 2012

6 Ultimate Surf Beaches in Australia

Australia’s 37,000 km coastline beckons to keen surfers all around the world. Of course, there’s much more to Australia than its beaches and established surfing culture, but with striking white an

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15th January, 2012

How to Plan an Unforgettable Tropical Gold Coast Holiday

Australia is a land of striking contras: ultra modern cities just hours away from the sweeping landscapes of the Outback; stunning coastlines stretching hundreds of miles next to pristine rainforests.

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07th December, 2011

5 Things to Know for Your Queensland Holiday

If you’re planning a holiday to Queensland, you probably already know that Australia’s second largest state by area has a distinct flavour and identity. With a laid-back lifestyle, perfect weather

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