29th September, 2013

BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park Opens a Petting Zoo

Big4 Gold Coast, a 32-acre holiday park, has opened a family-friendly petting zoo. It consists of small farm animals, including a horse, sheep, two alpacas and goats, ducks and chickens.

The Vize family, who made their guest appearance in a Domestic Blitz episode in August, stayed at the holiday park for three days while their home was given a complete makeover by The Block Sky High 2013 couples.

As the Vizes are dealing with cancer in the family, Domestic Blitz’s host Scott Cam decided to give them a surprise home makeover and sent them to the Big4 Gold Coast for a fun family holiday under the sun.

The park’s animals are quite popular with visitors, and the Vize family immediately took a liking to one of the mini goats. Theo Whitmont, the park’s owner, asked the Vizes two boys to give it a name and they called it Gold Star.

Source: http://www.franchise.net.au/inspire/franchisee/animal-farm-opens-at-big4-gold-coast