30th October, 2015

8 of the Best Walks in and Around the Gold Coast


The Gold Coast is known for its pristine beaches, subtropical rainforest, lively nightlife, and famous theme parks. It’s essentially a vacationer’s paradise. The Gold Coast also boasts over 70 kilometres of coastline, further adding to its popularity as a holiday destination. One of the best ways to explore all the beauty the place offers is on foot. Whether you’re on vacation, out for a leisurely stroll, or seeking adventure, here are some of the best walks the Gold Coast has to offer.

1. Lamington National Park

Ever wanted to walk amongst the treetops? At Lamington National Park you can climb a strangler fig tree to access an array of suspension bridges that hang almost 100 feet high. You can walk through the canopy and get a different perspective on the beauty that surrounds you than usual. You can also experience the National Park from below with the Booyong boardwalk walk, taking in the surrounding trees and scenery. This short walk is great for kids and those who aren’t very fit.

2. Burleigh Heads National Park

This popular park has three walking tracks to enjoy. The two most popular are the Oceanview track and the Rainforest track. You can enjoy delightful views of the coast on the Oceanview road. With the Rainforest track you can climb to an observation spot called Tumbun Lookout, and from there you’ll not only see breathtaking views of the coast but might also catch a glimpse of whales surfacing! Try to get there during autumn and you’ll be sure to see some migration.

3. Cougal Cascades

Located in the Mount Cougal section of Springbook National Park, take a walk through the rainforest with the whole family on this great walk. There are two cascades that you can walk up, each with observation posts to help you get a look at the falls and rapids. You can also stop for a dip at the mountain pool to cool off. Make sure to check out the WWII era sawmill that’s tucked away in the forest; plaques and visitor information throughout the walk will give you a sense of the history behind the mill.

4. Oceanway Federation walkway

The Oceanway Federation Walkway was developed in conjunction with the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the Federation of Australia. The walkway runs through the rainforest and along the coast, providing wonderful views of both. There are also public plantings along the route in an effort to preserve and enhance the natural beauty along the walkway.

5. Apple Tree Park

Listen to the Kookaburras perched in the trees above you as you stroll through Apple Tree Park. If you’re lucky you can get right up close to the birds to get a photo. Apple Tree Park is a lovely place to picnic with your family and play a few games of hide and seek before or after your trek through this gorgeous section of the rainforest.

6. Coomera Gorge

Coomera Gorge is also located in Lamington National Park. The gorge is located where Coomera Falls and Yarrabilgong Falls splash down into the Coomera River. Getting to the gorge can involve a pretty difficult hike alongside and back and forth across the river. Expect to get wet and be prepared for a lot of hopping from rock to rock as you navigate your way through. The spectacular view of both falls and river converging will be worth it, though.

7. Tarraborra Reserve

This little slice of heaven has been protected against development by a recent reclassification. This means that walkers will be free to roam the reserve for years to come. The plant-life on the reserve has been left to grow and develop mostly unhindered, so the reserve is full of natural beauty. As it gets more popular, some of the native birdlife is avoiding the area, so get there early in the morning to see them before they fly off when the crowds come.

8. Natural Bridge

This is a short walk that’s best taken at night. The Natural Bridge cave is home to the largest glow worm population in Australia. The worms aren’t visible during the day but at night light the cave up in a spectacular light show. You can also look up through the opening of the cave’s ceiling to experience the stars in an environment well away from the lights of the city.

From leisure to adventure, the Gold Coast has a variety of different walks to offer. Use this guide to find those you’ll want to explore while visiting, but no matter which you choose you can’t really go wrong as they’re all breathtaking in their own ways. In fact, we’re certain you’ll love them so much that you’ll be planning a return visit in the future. If the Gold Coast isn’t on your vacation bucket list, you just may want to reconsider your plan.