12th May, 2011

4 Accommodation Tips for Your Australian Holiday

If you are planning a trip to Australia then prepare to have a great time. Australia is a wonderful country for a holiday whatever you like to do or see. It has spectacular landscapes, glorious beaches, world class cities and a laid back Aussie way that is sure to make you feel welcome. But before you head down under you will want to know that you are going to be comfortable; there’s no need to worry on that score either. From luxury Sydney hotels to self catering Surfers Paradise accommodation, there is a huge variety of places to stay all over Australia, so you can be confident of finding the perfect option for you. Our guide will help you do just that.

Prioritise location

It is not just real estate agents that swear by the mantra ‘location, location, location’; it’s hoteliers and travel agents too. That’s because they know that nothing can make or break a holiday more quickly than the location of the accommodation. If you have visions of a relaxing beach holiday, but have to negotiate half a suburb and several busy roads before you reach the sand, all with the kids in tow and laden down with supplies for the day, you will find yourself pretty disappointed. Similarly, if you are more interested in checking out Sydney museums and art galleries, a CBD hotel might be preferable to one by the ocean. Decide what you want to do on your holiday, pick a hotel or apartment in that location and then check and double check to make sure it really is exactly where you think it is.

Look beyond the room

The room is the most obvious aspect of the accommodation to check, but try to look a little further before you book. The range and variety of facilities on offer differs hugely from place to place. Remember too, that it’s not just a case of more is better. You are paying for every facility offered through your room rate, so look for accommodation options that have what you require, but ideally not too much more. Things to look out for include swimming pools, car parking and babysitting services.

Set a clear budget

When it comes to choosing accommodation, budget usually plays a big part. Make sure, therefore, that you have a clear idea what yours is before you start trying to narrow down your options. Once you have your budget worked out, stick to it, otherwise you will probably end up having to skimp on spending money, which is likely to spoil your holiday. Make the most of your budget by choosing cheaper room types in more expensive hotels, rather than the other way round. This way you will benefit from a higher standard of facilities outside your room.

Check out alternative room types

Remember, there is more to holiday accommodation than standard hotel rooms. Check out suites and apartments too. There is a huge choice of Surfers Paradise apartments, for example, and if you are travelling as a family or in a group they provide more space and allow you all to stay together. When averaged out per person they are generally cost effective too.