07th December, 2013

Travelling Well on a Budget

Holiday costs can escalate quickly, but there are several ways to make a small budget go much further. The Planet D shared some of the secrets of getting more for less so that everyone can have the holiday they want without missing out on the fun of travelling.

  1. The first tip is to use a credit card that earns travel reward points. Customers receive points for everyday spending ie money that would be spent anyway. The points can then be used for bonuses such as free flights. Some credit cards also offer free travel insurance, saving even more.
  2. Choose developing countries for a cheaper stay. Accommodation in places such as Thailand costs a fraction of what a Caribbean resort costs and is less likely to be crowded, too.
  3. Live like the locals. Choose local transport options, go to restaurants that are popular with local people and buy from the local markets rather than heading for fine dining and high-end boutiques.
  4. Travel agents can help find the best deal. Checking different days of the week for flying can also save money.
  5. Good research can help uncover further money-saving ideas. Read travel blogs and forums to benefit from other people’s experiences.