30th June, 2011

Top Four Things to Do in Surfer’s Paradise

Surfer’s Paradise is known as the jewel in Australia’s Gold Coast. This vibrant and lively town is set right in the Gold Coast, with a 20 kilometre beach and great dining opportunities, shopping, nightlife and outdoor activities. As it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, when it comes to Surfers Paradise accommodation choices are excellent, and spacious apartments with spectacular beachfront views are available.


Surfer’s Paradise Beach is only 1.8 miles from the city centre and is a popular place for families, singles, couples or individual travellers. Voted QLD’s cleanest beach on multiple occasions, there’s really no place like Surfer’s Paradise Beach for a fusion of pristine beachside lifestyle and ultra modern city living. Take a walk down Cavill Avenue Mall before heading to the beach for a relaxing swim. Alternatively, if you’re up for a thrillseeking adventure, sign up for a jet boat or scuba diving tour.

Surfer’s Paradise Beach has waves that will suit novice surfers or experts. If you’re just starting out, you can enrol for surfing lessons. When the sun goes down, dine at one of the fabulous beachside restaurants, hit a few bars or nightclubs, and unwind before bed with a walk along the beach. For the best travel experience, try staying at one of the Surfers Paradise apartments situated close to the beach.


SkyPoint Observation Deck is a very popular destination for tourists located at the top of Q1, one of the world’s residential towers. SkyPoint is apparently the only beach-side observation deck in all of Australia, and it boasts a 360 degree view of the Gold Coast, so you’ll catch amazing beach panoramic views as well as those of the hinterland.

Take the lift up to levels 77 and 78 of the building and marvel at the incredible view. It’s the Gold Coast so even though you’re seeing the beach from one of the tallest residential buildings in the world, the coastline still stretches as far as the eye can see in both directions.

Theme Parks

Infinity is Surfer’s Paradise’s local theme park. While it’s known as a theme park, it’s actually self-billed as ‘futuristic maze like worlds of wonder’, with around 20 ‘multi-sensual’ environments. If you’re holidaying with your family, rest assure as Infinity is appropriate for children of all ages.

If you’re venturing out a bit further, the most famous theme parks in Australia are Dreamworld, Movie World, Wet’n’Wild, Whitewater World, and Sea World, each under 20 minutes’ drive from Surfer’s Paradise. All are suitable for young children and great for family trips.

  • Dreamworld – largest in Australia, with over 27 themed rides
  • Whitewater World – part of Dream World, Whitewater World has lots of water rides and adventures
  • Wet’n’Wild – a water park with exciting water rides suitables for families with young children
  • Sea World – a marine theme park, Sea World has lots great rides, animal shows, cruises, and animal adventures
  • Movie World – this film theme park has lots of rides based on movies that you’ll recognise


For passionate golfers, Surfer’s Paradise is located within close proximity to many wonderful golf clubs. Even if you’re completely new to golf, it’s a great way to pass a relaxing afternoon or morning in the outdoors. Hire some equipment for the day and tee off in the sunny Queensland weather. Afterwards, enjoy an Aussie beer at the club house.