15th January, 2013

Themed Restaurants Around Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise has become one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, and for good reason, as there is an almost endless array of highlights to enjoy. From the theme parks to the Surfers Paradise resorts, there is something here for everyone. Don’t leave the area until you have checked out a fantastic restaurant or two — the following are some of the best themed restaurants worth visiting in Surfers Paradise.

The Bavarian Haus

If you are looking to add a German touch to your Surfers Paradise holiday, head straight to the Bavarian Haus, where you will find all things German every day of the week. The interior of this great themed restaurant will make you feel like you are in a beer house in Munich, and between the delicious German menu and the tasty beer selection you will be slap dancing to oom-pah music before the night is through.

The Aztec Broadbeach

Those who like Mexican food will love this fantastic Aztec-themed restaurant, as apart from serving up some of the best Mexican food in Queensland, The Aztec also provides an entertaining cultural experience. The huge mural on the wall does a great job of setting the scene, and the simple yet colourful decorations make you feel like you are back in the Aztec empire. Winner of the Best Themed Restaurant Award once already and several times a finalist, the Aztec is a safe bet for a high quality and entertaining night out in Surfers Paradise.

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant

If you are looking for a themed restaurant that goes above and beyond, Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant will have you entertained from the moment you first walk through the door. The staff all play various characters and are wildly entertaining, and the interior has been decorated to look its creepy best as well. Considering that the food at Dracula’s is also a huge highlight, there is no place in Surfers Paradise that offers such an entertaining and value-for-money experience.

The Base Dinner and Show Club

Music lovers will have a blast at this great restaurant, where it is all about good food and great music, tracking the evolution of music from rock and roll in the 1950s through to grunge in the 1990s. Whether you are a music buff or just want to hear some of those old favourites once again, head to The Base Dinner and Show Club, where you can enjoy a great meal with a huge serving of fantastic music.

If you are someone that likes to be entertained while you eat, you are going to love Surfer’s Paradise, because there is no shortage of themed restaurants to suit just about every taste and style right here. If you are planning a trip to Surfers, whether for business or pleasure, plan to check out at least one of the great themed restaurants. If you won’t have a lot of spare time on your trip, stay at Surfers Paradise accommodation close to those ‘must-visit’ themed restaurants, as this way it will be easy to drop in for at least one meal during your visit.