07th June, 2012

How Long Do You Need to See Australia?

Australia has been one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for over 50 years, and while most people are only able to come for a short visit, most dream of being able to stay long enough to see every incredible part of the country. If you’re going to see as many of Australia’s must-see places as possible, you’re going to have to prioritise. Remember, the longer you stay, the better. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding how much time you need to see as much of Australia as possible.

You can’t see it all

You could spend the rest of your life in Australia and not see it all, as it’s an absolutely enormous country. It may not look that big on the map, but it would take almost four days to drive across Australia without stopping to check out anything along the way. In other words, you’re best to get any thoughts of seeing ‘all of it’ well and truly out of your mind. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life travelling around Australia, you quite simply cannot see it all.

See every season

If you have a lot of time on your hands, spending a full year Down Under will allow you to see and experience everything that goes on in an average year. The best part about this is being able to experience each of the four seasons in Australia; while not as distinct as many other parts of the world, each certainly offers a different kind of experience to the next. While you can generally get a hot day to go to the beach at almost any time of year, things like festivals and sporting events only happen at specific times of year. Stay for a full circuit and ensure that you don’t miss out on any golden opportunities.

See a smaller area properly

Being such a massive place, a lot of tourists in Australia try to see too much, and end up rushing around and not getting a decent look at anything. Your best bet is to pick out a few areas that you’re most interested in, and then plan to spend the majority of your time there. You’re sure to see all there is to see if you take your time with your visit, and you’ll also have a much greater chance of actually meeting a few of the locals, which can be the biggest highlight of a trip to Australia.

Mix up your accommodation

Another fantastic way to see it all in Australia is to try out some different digs. Gold Coast apartments, Adelaide hostels, Perth B&Bs and Surfers Paradise resorts will all offer a very different experience, so diversify your lodgings to experience even more.

Regardless of which state or territory you go to, you’re sure to have an awesome time holidaying in Australia. While you may never have time to see it all, Australia is one of those places where if you slow down and try and get a feel for the people and the culture, you can get a pretty good look at Australia without having to visit every single town. As always, your best chance of seeing the ‘real Australia’ is by spending time with the locals. So allow as much time as you can, and head to Australia for a trip of a lifetime.