13th October, 2014

Lifesaving Tips on Travelling With Tots: Top 11 Family Travel Blogs

1If the mere thought of boarding a plane with your child has you breaking into a sweat, then travelling anywhere after you have kids will be something you avoid like a play date with chicken pox. And it is difficult, but these blogs are your little self-help guides packed with insider info on how to conquer Travelling With Kids.

Travel With Kidz

2This handy blog guides you to a stress-free, safe and memorable holiday. Travel With Kidz have got agents posted all around Australia and NZ ready to pounce on any travel query you come up with. Safety is a big issue here, alongside how to travel with an allergy-prone kid and where to hire baby equipment.

Hit the Road Jack

3Juliana, Craig, their two children and dog are a family who has shunned “normal” life, opting instead for a nomadic existence – in a huge 6-sleeper coach. The posts on Hit the Road Jack are more like diary entries and are handy for picking up left-of-centre information about places they have stopped (secret water holes, good coffee shops, etc) as they bus it around the East Coast of Australia.

New Life on the Road

4Meet the Woody family. After raising five boys (!) this lively couple decided to search for a better life on the road. And they found it, wrote about it and took lovely family snaps of them all enjoying it. They cite their reasons for living out of a renovated bus as being more money and more freedom, and by the looks of things they’ve found their nirvana. Have a read of New Life on the Road for their tips on homeschooling and how to live in a bus (and enjoy it).

Travelling Australia With Kids

5Travelling Australia With Kids is an Aussie-based site written by a mum who couldn’t find enough information on living out of a caravan with kids, so decided to start her own blog. She inspires you to become a “TAWKer”, and join her community of like-minded travelling families. The site acts like a noticeboard where you can share your stories and tips. Check out what others have written about personal home-schooling trials, planning fiascos, favourite recipes and where the kid-friendly free camps are hidden.

The Family Without Borders

6If you want to peer inside the life of a nomadic family of four and marvel at how they manage to raise kids between The Black Sea and Bosnia, then follow this family’s epic journey. With journalism and web designing on their CVs, these guys document their life working on the road where they meet all types of people. They’ve also managed to win a few “best blog” awards in the process for The Family Without Borders.

Kids Travel Blog

7Kids Travel Blog is your one-stop-shop for handy info and tips on how to holiday with your bundles of joy. From camping and car trips to life saving checklists and extensive school holiday information, they’ve got loads of informative posts alongside tips on how to travel with your newborn and even how to move house without starting World War III.

8The Nomadic Family

Have you ever wondered how families just pack up everything to live a drifter’s life on the road? The Nomadic Family blog is an honest insight written by parents who did just that to spend more time with their three kids. They let you in how they maintain nomadic status, what’s on their bucket list, plus honest accounts of meltdowns and what they do when the money runs out. Beware; they make it look so appealing you may be inspired to sell your house.

Where’s Sharon?

9If you feel like you need a trip to a psychologist after your first holiday with children, read this blog instead. It’s much cheaper. Sharon will tell you that having kids is not a barrier to living a life more travelled and talks you through the good, the bad and the ugly. With two kids of her own, she details fun things to do and places to stay in the USA, South East Asia and Australia, and even shares secrets on how to get extra seats on a plane in Where’s Sharon?.

Flashpacker Family

10Remember when you hiked around Europe on a tiny budget eating tuna from a can and drinking $2 wine? Well that’s backpacking. Here, Bethany wants to introduce you to “flashpacking”: like backpacking but with a bit more cash to enjoy the luxuries of travel. This travel nut from New Zealand wants to hit 100 countries before 40 and she’s well on her way. In the meantime she has compiled some great posts on how to avoid drugging your child on a flight, dealing with children’s jet lag, whether or not to pack a stroller and culture shock in toddlers. Flashpacker Family is well worth a read.

Happy Travel With Kids

11Rebecca Kersten is a working Mum who travels during her family’s time off and from the sounds of the title, she has a happy time doing it. She provides tips on how you can too in Happy Travel With Kids. There’s also recent reviews of Bali resorts and strollers, and details about the best way to conduct a long road trip.


12Road trips are the most kid-friendly holiday to plan, right? Sometimes they’re the trickiest, but the Kidspot site will point you towards road trip success, not least with car games to keep the youngsters distracted. It also includes an up-to-date ‘What’s On’ guide and info on family-friendly activities like zoos, fairs and indoor stuff to do when the heavens rain down on your holiday.