29th July, 2013

Is there More to Jetstar’s Dropped Perth-Gold Coast Service?

Jetstar’s decision to drop its Perth-Gold Coast route as of the 27th October might not be the disappointing news that it initially seemed.

One potential reason for the decision is that the route has been so successful that Qantas may be planning to reinstate full service on the route. This has done before on other Gold Coast- capital city routes after a lengthy period of absence.

One aviation commentator suggested that the use of the new 787-8 on the route could not be ruled out. New airliners have a sex appeal that can steal traffic away from other routes and other airlines, so much so that a 787-8 might just fly full on the Perth-Gold Coast route.

He suggested that Australia’s domestic air traffic scene could see some shake-up before the end of the year, not just in terms of price competition but also in airliner deployment.

Therefore, flyers may not have heard the last from Jetstar about its Perth-Gold Coast route.

Source: http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2013/07/06/jetstar-drops-perth-gold-coast-is-there-a-bigger-picture/