22nd November, 2011

4 Australian New Years’ Eve Holiday Ideas

New Years is fast approaching, so where are the best places to welcome the New Year? There are plenty of options in Australia for those wanting to start the coming year with a New Year’s Eve to remember.

1. Welcome the New Year on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a fabulous New Year’s destination, particularly for families. With its range of family friend entertainment choices, formal New Year’s events and balls, pub or tavern based celebrations and endless selection of nightlife destinations, the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise must rank high on any new year’s holiday list. If you and the family stay at one of the Surfers Paradise apartments, you’ll be well located to have a great New Year’s celebration.

Ideas for your Gold Coast New Year’s celebration:

  • Theme Parks. Many of the famous theme parks hold family-friendly new year’s celebrations, with early New Year’s countdowns to allow the kids to enjoy fireworks without breaking bedtime rules.
  • Fireworks. The city often plays host to firework displays, such as Broadbeach, Coolangatta, Paradise Point and other locales in and around the Gold Coast. The fireworks are often viewable from a distance, so pick a nice spot on, say Surfer’s Paradise beach and get ready to enjoy the spectacular sights. When it comes to Surfers Paradise accommodation, serviced apartments are a great way to ensure you have plenty of space without compromising on luxury.
  • Restaurants, Pubs, and Clubs. The dining and entertainment venues on the Gold Coast will usually host special New Year’s events, many of which are family-friendly.

2. See the Fireworks in Sydney Harbour

Seeing the fireworks in Sydney Harbour is a very popular way to welcome the New Year. Sydney Harbour’s New Year’s celebrations typically see crowds of 1.5 million or more every year. With the warm weather and the harbour acting as a natural amphitheatre, the annual fireworks show involves over 80,000 fireworks being set off around the Bridge and the Harbour.

Ideas for your Sydney Harbour New Year’s celebration:

  • Boat Rides. Dinner party and cruise boat ride on the harbour.
  • Picnic and Beach. Pack a picnic dinner and find a spot on the beach. It’s been said that you can see the fireworks as long as you stay within 16 km radius of the Harbour.
  • Scenic Heights. Find a venue such as a bar or restaurant located in a tall building to enjoy the New Year’s celebrations from a vantage point.

3. Party Boating in Melbourne’s Yarra

While Sydney and the Gold Coast are renowned for their great nightlife and party atmosphere, atmospheric Melbourne is also a great place to enjoy New Year’s Eve. Charter a cruise boat and enjoy a catered dinner as you wait for the clock to strike midnight. Melbourne usually hosts a spectacular New Year’s fireworks and the Yarra River makes a wonderful base for enjoying the sights.

4. Do the Foodie Experience in Tasmania

If you’re a serious foodie looking for a novel way to welcome the New Year, consider Tasmania. The Taste Festival runs over the New Year period, featuring Tasmania’s fine local produce. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive in Hobart for a week of drinking, eating, and entertainment.

Keen gourmets will have the chance to sample fresh seafood, cheeses, fruits, pastries, local wines, boutique beers, and other local delights.